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Jeremy Petty

I cannot recommend Harry more highly. We had received many many mailings from realtors and brokers over the years and although Harry’s was among them, his stood out and so he was one of several that we chose to interview as a potential agent to sell our home. Harry came to the meeting extremelyprepared with comps, knowledge and a realistic expectation for us about what our house would bring on the market. It was clear from the beginning that Harry was very honest, not cagey or vague, and at the same time would do everything in his power to realize the highest possible price for our home. He made sure not to waste our time with tons of showings for no reason — he only brought pre-qualified, serious buyers. We received an offer immediately and when the person then tried to renegotiate the deal, Harry was no-nonsense and immediately moved on to the next full price cash offer and held firm with them. Harry was extremely communicative and responsive to all our questions. We immediately knew that we didn’t need to contact Harry constantly with questions — if something was important, he would contact us, and regularly did, but only when necessary. This left us with peace of mind that he was staying on top of the whole process and that we didn’t need to badger him because he was anticipating every part of the process before it took place. Harry personally dealt with everything, and didn’t push us off on assistants or others who might be less knowledgeable. He was intimately aware of every step, because he is one of the few licensed brokers in CA, not just a listing agent. He was able to help us with everything and was never afraid to get his hands dirty either. Thanks again Harry, we could not have been more pleased!