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May & Michelle Beshara

What can we say about Harry Kapukchyan. We don’t even know where to start to sing his praises. We are first time homebuyers who have been looking for the perfect house for years. We have been through several agents, and none can compare, or even come close, to Harry. Most agents would ask what we were looking for, and then bombard our email with sometimes 30 listings a day, most of which did not meet our criteria and were not close to what we were looking for. They had us doing all the work. Harry only sent a select few listings to our email, and they were always homes we would consider and fit our criteria. Most agents would just stop calling us after a few weeks or a month if we did not find our perfect house. Harry is the only one who stuck by our side for over two years. He was very patient and never made us feel he was upset or frustrated with us for not finding a house in a month. A few times we put offers with Harry, and when things didn’t work out because of circumstances beyond our control, he never got upset or gave up. He kept reassuring us we’d find our house, and he kept looking. He is a real go-getter and very ambitious. He is very knowledgeable about every aspect of the home buying experience, and really held our hand and walked us through it every step of the way. We were never alone. He was constantly on top of everything, making sure each person did their job properly and on time so we would have a smooth closing of escrow. Most agents would be gone after the escrow papers are signed. Harry continues to help us, finding people for repairs, insurance, movers, etc. Despite his young age, he knows so much more than agents we have worked with that are twice his age. There are not enough nice things to say about Harry. He is exceptional, Phenomenal, generous (he bought us a homeowner’s policy the seller was supposed to buy, to be sure we would have a good policy), trustworthy, honest (he never gave us lines other agents have to pressure us to buy), impressive, and a true gentleman. We consider him one of the family now. If anyone is considering buying a home, we wouldn’t think of recommending anyone other than Harry Kapukchyan. He’s the best. Forget the rest.